Nice to meet you, I'm Kujah

Hopefully you already understand my mission - but here's a bit about me:


Born and raised in Wales, graduated from University with a degree in Computer Science and then worked for around 10 years in London before moving my life to Hong Kong. Somewhere along the way I started getting more involved with managing my finances and, through a series of successes and mistakes, have picked up some knowledge that I think would be helpful to people out there.

There's already an army of people out there writing about the classics when it comes to personal finance - budgeting, debt, saving, investing, and tax.

While I myself will occasionally write about these topics I do strongly believe that personal finance involves more than just number crunching; there's a motivational side to it too. So in many of my articles you'll see me talk about my own thoughts and ideas on how the numbers work out, and also how you can keep yourself focused so that you can achieve success in the long run.

In any case, I hope the writing is at least entertaining!

Note: I'm not a qualified accountant, financial adviser or investment professional. I'm just a regular person making progress on my financial independence journey and sharing some thoughts and scribbles.